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on August 26, 2009

Ok so just some background info before the updates. In 2003, Eric and I started college and both recieved our Associate degrees in 2005 and I continued to recieve my Bachelors, but with only 6 months left till graduation, I decided to take a break because I was seriously burned out between work, school, raising Lexi by myself and being my parents live in housekeeper, all while trying to rekindle my marraige. I swore that I would go back, but then a few months after I left, I found out I was pregnant with Gavin, so I decided to wait until after he was born. Ok, so one day while I was about 7 months pregnant, I got a call from an old classmate and she told me that the school was closing its doors in AZ, and and that I would not be able to finish there. Well, heres the kicker, my credits from the Associates program will not transfer to another school, so the only way to get my bachelors without starting all over again is to go to the same school. So I started making phone calls to the main campus to find out about the online classes and I have been going back and forth since summer of 2007 with them.

Ok so heres the update…….I finally recieved a phone call from a gal who is admin for the AZ branch of the online program and she is looking into my transcripts to see what I need to do to finish my Bachelors degree!!!!! YAY, so I might be able to finish college soon. Its perfect timing too since I am sooooo bored right now. I need more to do than just being a mommy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, and I love being a stay at home mommy but I am losing my identity here and need something adult to do with my time.

Heres some background for more updates, when Gavin was 18 months, he was still not walking, or talking, and he was developmentally behind even 12 month olds. So I called up a state run agency to help out. They sent out an admin at first to get background info, then she came back with a speech pathologist and a developmental specialist for an evaluation. He was determined to be behind and was put into the program, which is basically, the specialist and the pathologist come to my home and work with him to help him catch up. Well, Gavin was a booger because right after their visit, he got up and walked and started talking and technically didnt need them at all, but they decided to continue coming to work with him since he originally qualified for the program.

So the update is that Gavin saw his speech pathologist last Thursday and she did an evaluation of him, and determined he no longer needed her services. Yay, my baby is right where he is supposed to be, in 5 months and technically only 2 actual visits with her, he is on schedule. Now I can’t get him to slow down, or stop talking!!!!! Also, since he is going to be 2 in less than a month, the terrible 2’s have begun, and boy does he have a little temper, and mind of his own!!!

Nothing new to report with Eric at all, and the only thing new with Lexi is that she started 4th grade, so she is officially considered an upperclassman of grade school. Basically she gets to play on the “other” playground. LOL!!!! But hey it means something to her!!!

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