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Dislikes, addictions, and a new journey!

on August 28, 2009

The thing that I hate more than anything……….cleaning!!! But then again, who really likes to clean??? I spend my days trying to find things to do to keep busy because I need to drown out Yo Gabba Gabba, Wow Wow Wubbzy and all the other Noggin shows. Now, its hard to sit down and read, cuz Lord knows as soon as I do, Gavin wants me to read to him and Yeah, I dont think that the Sookie Stackhouse novels are ok for a 2 year old, maybe when Im done with the series and start Twilight I can read to him. Ok, so that means reading is out. Crafts are definetly out, now I could blame Gavin for that, but lets get real, its because I have no talent!!!

So what else is there to do, hmmmm, Facebook!!!! Yeah, Im addicted, but need to get off the computer. So that pretty much leaves cleaning. Ugh!!!!!! I cant escape it, it wont go away!!!!

Now speaking of addictions, I LOVE to look for and buy things that help keep me and my family organized, thats a good thing right? Yeah not so much considering that I have ALL these little things that are supposed to make my life easier, and everyone of them ends up in the back of a closet. So how are they helping me?????

I have an idea, I am going to search high and low for a new hobby…….the criteria is that it has to be cheap, not inappropriate or dangerous with a toddler around, fun to do, and above all else, I need to actually be good at it. I will listen to ANY advice given to me, and welcome all who want to join me on this new journey of mine!!!!

One response to “Dislikes, addictions, and a new journey!

  1. LenaLoo says:

    Hey there! Coming by from SITS! You sound a lot like me lol! Can't wait to see your new hobbies! Have you tried paper crafting (cardmaking, scrapbooking) at all? Those are two of my hobbies, but they too end up taking the back of the closet to life sometimes… And I am a total facebook junkie as of late, my friend Becky always waits about 15-20 seconds after she posts something because she knows a response is coming soon πŸ™‚ I am gonna put you on my blogroll πŸ™‚

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