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on August 30, 2009

First off, I am going to say that I am VERY lucky to have the apartment that I have and still be able to be a SAHM.  And I am VERY lucky that my DH makes JUST enough to pay the bills and not complain that we dont have more.  I missed out on my daughters toddler years because I had to work, then went to college and worked, so I am loving this with Gavin.

Ok, the real reason for this post is this.  I AM FEELING CLAUSTROPHOBIC!!!  Like you couldnt figure that out by the title right???  But it needed to be said.  Now our apartment is bigger than any other apartment than I have seen before, and has more livable square footage than my parents house, its 1444 sq ft.  I know, thats big right???  And did I mention the numerous closets and the 2, yes I said 2, pantries???  Ok, I know, get to the negative stuff right?  So, yeah the kitchen is tiny and the master bath shower is way too small for my jumbo sized butt, however, those are not the reasons that I am feeling claustrophobic.

Currently the DH and I are sharing a vehicle, so he doesnt get home till 7 and Gavin goes to bed at 7:30, so no trips to the park with Gavin.  Can’t really walk to the park, cuz well 1. dont know where the closest one is, and 2 its WAY TOO HOT to walk during the day.  We live in AZ where right now its usually at least 110 outside.  When we moved here, I felt so lucky because right outside my door is a big courtyard that the kids can play in, and they do, dont get me wrong, but Gavin really has nothing to do.  He can’t draw with sidewalk chalk, because the neighbors complain that its an eyesore, can’t play with bubbles, because the soap builds up on the ground and the neighbors complain, and the list goes on with these new neighbors.

So, the only things that they kids can really do out there is run around and stuff and its not really stimulating for Gavin.  I want a house that the kids can play in the backyard and do arts and crafts and oh no, Im gonna say it, MAKE A MESS!!!!  And NO ONE can complain about it!!!

Another reason for my claustrophobia is that I need a space to work on crafts for myself to keep myself busy and active, despite the lack of talent, I still want to try and get better, but I need space in order to do so.  If i dont get out of this chair, and out doing things soon, I think my ass and the chair will meld together and Im not sure if I will still fit through doors.  Hmm, thats something to ponder!!

3 responses to “Claustrophobic!!!

  1. Kristin says:

    I feel your pain. I struggle with being in the house so much too! My little man's skin gets all irritated if he gets too hot and it a million degrees in Floria right now. Ah ha. Happy Saturday Sharefest on Tuesday. : )

  2. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest (on Wed)!

    I was having the same issue, so we decided to rent out our condo and try to buy a house (seemed like the right time in the market). All was going well – the condo was rented and … the closing got delayed on the house! So we now live with my inlaws till something comes through! Talk about claustrophobic!


  3. Antoinette says:

    I feel your pain as far as needing to get up and do something. Sometimes I feel like I'm becoming a permanent fixture on the couch or like my fingers might become glued to my laptop (not that I'd really hate that too much). LOL.

    I'm really with you on needing your own space to have an area to do your crafts or whatever you want to do. I'm a crafter…or at least I was until my daughter turned into a toddler and I can no longer leave “anything” unattended. LOL. I'd love to have an area to set up my art supplies and just be able to walk away from it without worrying that little hands are going to get into it. We are currently renting a condo (pretty spacious at 2000 sq ft) but it has an open floor plan which doesn't leave me many options on a space of my own. There is the basement…but it's not finished…or inspiring. 😦

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