Uncreative Mommy in a Sea of Crafty Bloggers


on September 5, 2009

My main problem with blogging is that my brain is so clogged with stuff that I want to write that I dont know where to start, and I have been reading alot of blogs and I notice that most have themed days.  I want to start doing that and maybe it will help me organize my thoughts.  Now if only I could come up with some themes of my own, think think think.  Damn Blues Clues is in my head!!!  Ok so heres where my followers come in, all 3 of you!!  LOL (side note: thank you very much for following me)  Here are the topics I want to share with my readers (hopefully more will come later); arts and crafts with my son, arts and crafts with my daughter (yes I want them separate), food that I want to “attempt” to cook, photography as I exploret my potential talent, my own (again I use quotes) “attempts” at crafts, my family, and basic rants, because face it, we all need to vent now and again.  So I am asking, no I take that back, begging for theme title ideas because I simply cannot come up with titles on my own.  Thanks again for reading!!!!  Have a GREAT Labor Day weekend and stay safe!!!!

5 responses to “Themes!!!

  1. Italo says:

    Ciao From your 4th reader 😀


    i journal, and as i am journaling, i often find my inspiration, so i just write in bold letters BLOG TOPICS and when i need to write a new post, i just go to my journal, pull one i feel like blogging about, and write it. a lot of people of themes, but we're not a lot of people, r we? go against the grain!

  3. Hi Lena,
    Thanks so much for following my blog! I am always excited to see a new reader come along!
    Recently I have been posting alot of easy & cheap Halloween crafts that you could try with your family. Maybe that can help you in the crafty department.
    Themes….hmmmmmm..I guess if you are trying to think of a theme just keep it personal to you -wait – not too personal..lolol.
    If your theme is personal then you will plenty to blog about.
    Good luck & so nice to meet you.

  4. K. Barber says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Don't feel pressured to create your own themed day unless you really, really want to. Just join in on some of the really big ones like “Not Me Monday.” Then you don't have the pressure, but can enjoy the fun.

  5. Dito to your blog name, I love it! I also am your 6 follower. I only have 3 myself. But I am a sister to you from the secret of the sauce so I had to comment back.



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