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Am I insane??

on September 16, 2009

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days, I have been busy reorganizing my house.  See, I have been reading what seems like a million blogs, that I love and I have decided that since my son turns 2 tomorrow, I want to mark that milestone with the start of Tot School, if you dont know what it is, go here.  So I need to reorganize, and of course SHOP!!!!  I will “TRY” (cuz Im really bad at remembering) to post pics of our days.

On top of starting Tot School, I am trying to convince my husband to let me enroll our 9 year old daughter in virtual public school, basically homeschool but with a teacher and already set curriculum.  My daughter has always gone to public school and it was fine till now.  I don’t feel as though she is getting all the attention that she needs, as she does not work well by herself.  She needs constant reminding to do her work.  She is also a miniature version of me in the sense that she is a social butterfly and is always getting in trouble for talking and not getting her work done.

Heres where the insanity comes in, (heehee) I will be starting college soon, the rep for my school called me last week to let me know that they are working on a special program for me so that I dont have to wait for the classes to come up and I can get the credits out of the way faster.  YAY!!!

Now, theres still one more thing, if I can save up the money to start, I also want to become a Discovery Toys consultant!!!!  Does anyone have any of the toys???  Can you give me advice as to whether or not you would recommend being a consultant??

So, here I am wanting to become a Tot School teacher, a Learning Coach(thats what the parents are called with the virtual school), a college student, and a home business owner, on top of being a mommy, wife and housekeeper.

Again I ask the question, AM I INSANE?????????????

Did I mention that I also babysit 2 afternoons a week and during the weekend AND trying to lose weight AND still want to keep up with this blog??????

I am going to need all the support I can get!!!!

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