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A Truly Passionate Man

on September 18, 2009

My 9 year has fallen in love with Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers and I tease her that shes too young, and Patrick Swayze died and I was humbled.  I was exactly her age when Dirty Dancing came out and boy was I IN LOVE.  I fell in love with him as Johnny Castle as a young girl, fell in love with him again as Sam Wheat in Ghost as a teenager, and respected him even more as an actor as Vida in Too Wong Foo.  (he made a very handsome woman)  When I originally heard the news of his battle with pancreatic cancer, I cried because my grandfather fought and lost to pancreatic cancer, and I knew that I couldn’t end well.  So of course, the news that Patrick has passed on not only saddens me because he was a fantastic actor, and, my first crush but it reminds me of the death of my grandfather and makes me even more sad.  Hollywood lost a true icon and I wish only the best for the love of his life since 1972 (which makes me love him more, since he hasnt been married 15 times like most other actors) Lisa Niemi!!  RIP Patrick Swayze!!!!

2 responses to “A Truly Passionate Man

  1. Melissa says:

    Check out my new post. I nominated you because you have One Lovely Blog

  2. Isn't that that the truth! I agree and I am just like you. I just watch a show on the biography channel (I know I'm to young to watch but I love it) on him and it was just so beautiful and wonderful and I didn't realize how long he had been married. Just beautiful 🙂

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