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Tip Tuesday (Beta)

on October 6, 2009

So I have finally found at least one theme, (don’t know what I am talking about?  Go here.)  Every Tuesday, if permitted, I will be featuring tips and useful information that I find during all my bloggy business.  This includes frequent tippy updates from one of my besties, Fe.  This weeks featured tip is all about affiliate programs and how they work.  I was trying to fully understand how they work, cause yeah, I’m not all that brilliant.  I’m kidding, its more or less every article that I have tried to read about the programs, were a little (ok, alot) long and dry and I just couldn’t absorb the information.  So I asked Fe, (cause shes super smart) and she explained it in a non dry and long and might I say boring manner!!  YAY, now I understand!!!  *Victory Dance*  I promise you, I am in fact an adult and not a dorky 12 year old.  I have a birth certificate to prove it, what? you want to see it? not gonna happen, you just have to trust me.  And now that I have your blind trust (whats wrong with you?), go here.  Oh and don’t forget to check back for more tips and upcoming themes!!!!!  Also, if you would like an awesome new blog design, please visit Fe’s little button thingy mabob

She is giving my bloggy friends a special discount, hey it pays to be my friend!!!!!

One response to “Tip Tuesday (Beta)

  1. Good morning. I saw you were the first commenter on today's SITS Featured blog and decided to visit you.

    Have a wonderful day. Your kids are really cute.

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