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I need help, and no not the straight jacket kind….. OK I do but not today!!!!!

on November 11, 2009

Ok here goes it, Hi my name is Lena and I have never made a Thanksgiving Dinner.  Now that thats settled.  HELP!!!!!  Every year we go to my parents house for Thanksgiving, always cooked by my mother.  For years now I have asked her to please relax, sit down, enjoy life and let me do it.  But no, that woman would not relinquish control, that is until now.

She has finally agreed to let me do Thanksgiving Dinner without her help (unless I am desperate and beg, and lets face it, I am a grown woman and dont want my mommy’s help).  So instead I am desperate and begging my bloggy friends for help.  Please, please, please (is that enough pleases?) send me your favorite recipes and tips for what to make, including a “How To” for a delicious, moist and VERY flavorful Turkey.  Is it breast up? down? laying on her side seductively (ok, lets move on, CREEEEEPY).  Is it better in a roasting bag (Ive heard it stays super moist).  I can do a stuffing that is super delish so I dont need help there, and I have a recipe for boring dinner rolls, but want better.

So I want to hear from you, what would you serve, how do I do the Turkey, and how can I make my dinner rolls softer and more flavorful?  I am doing a practice Turkey (thx to a free Turkey from Safeway) this weekend.  So if it turns out bad, I am just gonna tell my mom that she can have control back.  Please dont let me admit defeat to my mother, she will never let me live it down (no really she is that evil, just ask her)

6 responses to “I need help, and no not the straight jacket kind….. OK I do but not today!!!!!

  1. Lee says:

    Make sure you baste the turkey…lots. And once it is browned on the skin, just put some foil over it.

  2. Tracie says:

    Brine the turkey. Use Martha Stewart's recipe. (Go to her website.) I always buy the rolls from Texas Roadhouse. They are better than anything I could make. I buy the pie, too.

  3. Lena Blair says:

    Wow, really, this post requires a comment like that? Do they really think that I am going to all of the sudden say “OMG I want some Viagra RIGHT NOW!!!” Is that really an effective sales strategy?


    you are asking the wrong person – nearly 40 and never cooked a turkey

  5. Anna-Maria says:

    Lena, the bags do work very well! They staysuper moist and has lots of flavor. I use a pear wine with butter to baste my turkey…..its delish!

  6. Priscila says:

    love ur blog! You kids are so dang cute!
    When you get a second be sure to come check me out! I have 3 giveaways going on and one amazing one every Monday! So be sure to follow me 🙂

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