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I’m Back!!

on July 13, 2010

Oh my, where have I been?? The last time I was on here was just before Thanksgiving and so much has happened since. First of all, my husband and I did create a pretty delicious dinner (victory dance). Then of course there was Christmas, then a tragic, but private event happened with a very close friend, and then we moved into a house. Our first house!! Up till now, we have always lived in apartments so this was a big deal for us. With all the changes going on here, I kinda forgot about my blog. But I need to start up again, because I need a place to vent, and document all the cute and wacky things that my children do. Oh and did I mention that during all that time away, I was homeschooling my daughter? Yeah, we tried it, spent more time doing schoolwork that ANYTHING else, and overall damaging my relationship with my daughter. She has a hard time focusing, which is why I decided to home school in the first place. I thought that if she had one on one attention, she would get better, but in all reality, it got worse for her. We have both been so frustrated with each other for so long that I haven’t had the fun, loving relationship with her that I had in the past. So, that all said, she is going back to public school. Its a good thing though, because she gets to go back to her first school. K-2 grade, she went to this one school, which was a great school with great teachers. But we moved and I enrolled her in another school for 3rd grade. I actually thought everything was ok, until the first quarter of 4th grade at that school, when I found out the teacher gave A’s matter what. Lexi turned in an assignment 2 weeks late and had to finish it over night after I found out she had been lying to her teacher. It was very shoddy work, maybe worth a C and it was 2 weeks late. So what grade did she get? A+, yes the teacher even added a + to it. Also, she missed a week of school because we thought she had chicken pox, but turned to just be a viral infection causing a rash, and miraculously there was no makeup work to be done and still passed that quarter with A+’s in every subject. I mean I am happy she got A’s yay, but darn it, she should earn them instead of being taught that as long as you do something, no matter how little, you reap the same benefits that someone who worked really hard does. She is happy tho and since its summer, we are getting back to our old fun relationship. That is until the 26th when she goes back to school. More on all that later!!

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