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First week back to school and all alone with an ornery toddler!!!!

on July 31, 2010

This week has been a very long one, the first week in almost a year that I have been without my girl during the day and left alone with a 2 and a half year old. Ironically, even though I chased him around the house more and have never been more exhausted, it was a lot quieter around here. Those two fight so much now that she is getting older and doesn’t want to play with him all the time.

Sunday, my mother brought my daughter a gift….a small palm held electric shaver. Poor girl is only ten and needs to shave. She is growing up too fast, she likes boys, shaves, starting to get hips and wears a bra. Most of her other friends, including some older ones aren’t quite there yet and my beautiful baby girl gets to be the first. This is not good…….hubby is already talking about shotguns and different ways to hurt the punk boys that are inevitably going to break my little girls heart. He is actually going to invite his best friend over for Lexis first date (in 20 years if I have anything to say about it) and pull a Bad Boys scene with the poor kid. Ya know the scene where they scare the kid taking out Marcus’s daughter. I loved that scene, and I will get a nice reenactment of it, LOL!!!

So Monday, she started school and was so happy to be allowed to walk to and from school. The problem is, school starts at 8:10, she leaves the house at 7:30, yet she needs to wake up at 5:45 because it takes her sooooo long to get ready for school. It is so sad, only a few years ago, I was able to wake her up, get her fed and dressed and out the door in 45 minutes tops!! LOL!! I’m NOT looking forward to the teenage years.

Tuesday, she came home so excited because she found out that she can finally join in on the clubs and other fun extra curricular activities such as…….Orchestra!! She has decided that she wants to learn to play the violin, and has made the commitment to ACTUALLY stick with it. I couldn’t be prouder of her right now, I never got the chance to learn an instrument and I am proud that she is acting so mature. She knows that its gonna be a lot of HARD work and less free time, but shes ok with that because she is determined. I cried a little when she told me that.

So then on Wednesday, she came home excited YET AGAIN, (I’m liking this trend) because she wanted to join the after school club, Battle of the Books club!! She loves to read books and loves to talk about her books, so this is the perfect club for her.

There was nothing much new on Thursday, except that she said that she is reading 2 books in class right now, 1 is Shiloh that they are reading together and is mandatory, and then she said she CHOSE to read Pride and Prejudice. I am shocked about this choice because there are no wizards, fairies, dragons, mermaids, and wimpy boys and dorky girls, yet she chose it anyways. I am so proud!!

It was raining Friday morning, but that didn’t stop Lexi from riding to school enthusiastically.  She is so happy but it scares me that she is growing up.  I’ll get over it, I know, but for now I really want to hold onto my little girl.

Friday night, Lexis best friend since birth spent the night and first all the kids went and played outside with our dog Kismet, then we all played Mario Carts, and once Gavin went to bed, the girls cut a poster board in half and each decorated half for the other.  I joined in using Lexis sketch pad and drew a really bad picture of Lexi.

Lexis friend, Dorothy, was showing us pictures in her cell, which of course made Lexi want one, so she started telling me that most of the kids in her class have cells and her friend Kayling has a phone and Dorothy *Dotty* has a phone and she says its not fair, LOL!!!  It turns out though that recently, my father dropped his cell in water and had to get a new one but didn’t have insurance on the phone so in order to get a cheaper phone, they added a line to their account and were thinking if they can find an old phone, they would give her the new number.  She technically has a phone, when I got my new phone, I gave her my old one as a play phone and to take pictures.  So now I guess that my daughter is in fact getting a phone.  I’m not sure about this except it will make me feel better if I can get ahold of her when she is not home.

I guess I better get used to it though, she is getting older and is gonna have more freedom and I want to always know that she is safe.  I cant keep babying her forever!!

I meant to take more pictures of Gavin this week, but he didn’t really give me much time to do anything OTHER than chase him everywhere, so that didn’t happen. Although he did come to me at one time and said “Mommy, make me a picture with your clama” which is translated as “Mommy take a picture of me with your camera”, but he was naked waiting for his pullup and thought I better not, lol!! He ran off after he got dressed and never got it done. As soon as him and I get used to not having Lexi around, I plan to do more projects and games with him and take tons a pictures.

Sorry for the dreadfully long post, but I am soooo proud of my girl and just had to show her off!!!

One response to “First week back to school and all alone with an ornery toddler!!!!

  1. I like the long post with all the pictures! Plus you get an extra thumbs up from me for owning a pit bull! I have a special place in my heart for those pups.

    On an earlier comment, I said I follow you via GFC. Obviously, you don’t have GFC!! I follow you by email now =)

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