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New Dots Printables Added!

on December 1, 2011

I finally got around to adding my last 3 pages to Etsy and figured I would show them off here!!

The first one is my Bills and Budget page

The next one is The Child’s Chore Chart.  My daughter loves this one and can’t wait to fill it out and add up her reward points.  I might be making a reward chart to go with this in the near future as well as one for boys.

The final one for now is the Auto Maintenance Log.  This has been very helpful since hubby and I would always forget to do all regular maintenance until something would go wrong.  This has helped us keep on top of it.

As always, these can be purchased at my Etsy shop at any time.  I have also added one where you can purchase all the printables as a package rather than individually.  It’s a 25% savings!!!

I’ve had some wonderful bloggers doing reviews on the Dots Planner Set and thought I would share what they had to say.  Please visit them and show them some loves.

Penny Minding Mom

Nickle-and-Diming with Nikki

Running a Healthy Family

Silkki’s Reviews


There are also some reviews for my Holiday Planner Set that I would like to share!!

My Simple Walk

Babs Book Bistro

Coupon Free Stuff

Nickel-and_Diming with Nikki

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