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PR Friendly

Product Review Policy

Do you have a product you would like my family and me to test and review? Send me an email at lena.blair@yahoo.com.

Please note however:

  1. I review products on my own time. However, if something is time sensitive, please let me know and we can work something out.
  2. I am very honest with my reviews and will list the pros and cons of the product. If I don’t have anything positive to say about your product I will contact you before I write my review and you have the choice to decline the review.
  3. Each review will include a disclaimer.
  4. I will keep all products reviewed and will not pay for shipping.

Services & Rates

Product Review-free with a product

Website Review-$15

Featured Giveaways-free with a product

Buttons & Banners

125×125 buttons
$10 per month

125×360 vertical banners
$15 per month


1 tweet a week

$5 per month

2+ tweets a week

$10 per month

Daily tweets

$20 per month

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