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on August 29, 2009

So I dug deep in my closet, and I mean DEEEEEP, and found my old Nikon EM camera, circa ?82?  Im not to sure, it was my brothers camera when he was younger, and it was passed down to me when I decided to take photography in high school.  I had fun in that class and felt that I had talent.  WHO KNEW???  So I am going to try my hand at photography again.  But first I need to…….

1. make sure that the camera is in good working order
2. buy flash bulbs
3. buy film
4. learn how to use the camera again, darn auto focus cameras making me lazy

Once I have all that I need, I will try and see if this could be my hobby, or one of them.

If you are a crafter and I am following you and *cross my fingers* you are following me, I promise to comment on your posts soon, but I guarantee you that I am keeping track of the crafts I want to try, and when I do, will post pics, with credit to who inspired the craft.  If it looks really bad, please forgive me in advance, LOL.

One response to “Photography?????

  1. Ashley says:

    I have one of those old Nikons! Love it. I love REAL film too. Just visiting from SITS! Happy SITS Sharefest! Come over and visit my craft blog!


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